Believe it or not some girls do have very very pointed breasts. Dun believe... See for yourself at the pic below. Not too sure if their breasts happen to be like that or someone actually made it like that. To me it seem like it is a man made for fun ones.

O ya dun worry this photo is perfectly safe for work :) No need to Alt Tab when your boss happen to drop by your desk.

To be or not to be, there can be only one


krisel said... @ 2:17 PM

hahaha! i got curious when I read the pointed breasts and when i saw the pictures I can't help myself to laugh! thanks for sharing this photo.
pretty funny.

Jessen said... @ 3:07 PM

lol... what a coincidence! :p

Spicy Mother said... @ 5:52 PM

The shirts are so naughty. I don't think any girls will wear them out though. It may attract some unwanted attention from lecherous guys.

Kriscell said... @ 7:05 PM

Like I say this photo is just for a laugh. No offence to our ladies friends out there. :)

Feliza said... @ 1:11 AM

LOL! Totally no offence at all!
So hilarious! :p

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