You must be wondering why I have not been updating my blog lately. Well partly due to now taking some courses (yes finally got the time to do so) and also been involve in fighting wars. Yes but not real wars but rather an online browser game call Three Kingdoms Online.

Three Kingdoms Online is a massive multiplayer online SLG game based on ancient Chinese history, which brings together the best elements of RPG, Strategy and Management games in a browser with high-quality graphics. In China it has drawn a large number of players with its simplicity in playing and yet complex with variations. Being a browser game mean that there is no download require and everything just run right from your browser.

Based on the famous history past, The Three Kingdoms period (169-280AD) is a historic period in ancient China. The nation was divided into three kingdoms and their quest for total domination has been a fascinating topic for historians and gamers alike.

If you are interested I can be found in server S4, the new server with the in-game nick as "AndeLu". So if you are interested do join the game and maybe we can join and fight out our own piece of China.

To be or not to be, there can be only one


william said... @ 8:19 PM

I am a a player of Three Kingdoms Online! Wow, is it really this famous? I can't believe it! I just saw this TKO ad in the internet while I was playing internet bingo at http://www.internetbingoblog.com.

Wow. I am really impressed!

Kriscell said... @ 2:14 PM

The story is already famous. Plus on as an online free game it let normal players like us experience the excitement of being a lord during that period of China history

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