Did a total of 5 meetings today (3 conference calls, 2 in office meetings) and I must say I am not enjoying it at all... When I am still an Engineer I also enjoy going for meetings cos it is really a good time for me to gain valuable experiences from my manager and those in the meetings and also a time where I can take a break from my hands on work.

However now my job scopen as a Manager require me to be involve in more of a management and planning level hence being in meetings seem like something which I am only doing. Talking, discussing and negotiation is what I am doing now... Kinda miss my hands on work...

But if you think meetings is all about just talking, talking and more talking only then you are wrong. Yes some meetings can be very unproductive and a complete waste of time but even so every word being spoken in the meeting carry a very heavy responsibility. A simple "Yes we can do it" would result in the agreeing party to actually deliver what ever is agree upon and if they can't deliver they would have to answer to the other party and this could result in financial losses. Hence in a meeting it is not only just talking but also alot of thinking and planning so as to ensure that your interest in protected.

For me I am just glad the 5 meetings ended smoothly without much surprises and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to spend some time on my work rather than spending the whole day in meetings again...

To be or not to be, there can be only one


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